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Next Levels

by Pastor Jide 

Next levels greetings in the Name of

our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

This year has been declared our

year of “Next Levels” by the grace

of God, a season of unprecedented

elevation. The time has arrived to

move from where we were to where

God has ordained for us as a

church and as individuals. It is our

season of unstoppable agenda of

progress in different levels. The

Lord is saying to each of us that “Ye

have dwelt long enough in this

mount: ... take your journey and

behold, I have set the land before

you: go in and possess the land

which the LORD swore unto your

fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,

to give unto them and to their seed

after them” (Deuteronomy 1:5- 8).


On behalf of Destiny I welcome to you to our website. It is our intention to use this media to promote the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be declaring His manifestation and glory at DICA. Add few mor words: Reprehenderit dolore veniam dolore et consectetur aute adipisicing dolor sunt. Anim mollit labore irure elit deserunt nisi mollit.

We are renewing

our website

It is our pleasure to inform you that

we are re fabricating our website.

We want to give out interface a new

look and provide for you an easier

way of access to our information.

The full website would be up and

running by December. 

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